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Song List

How do you represent what tunes you play – or can play – or will play – or will learn to play just for you? Well, here you are.  The Mood Swings Song List.



Mood Swings Big Band celebrates 10 years with this full length, studio recorded album featuring 22 full length songs with over 70 minutes of playing time.


Looking for that perfect place for your wedding, corporate event or fundraiser?  Check out all the fantastic venues Mood Swings has had the pleasure of performing.

Mood Swings is a 26 piece rock/pop band in a big band body.  Specializing in high energy, entertainment oriented shows that cater to all ages. Sweet sounds of Sinatra, long-time favorites from the 50’s and 60’s, dance floor favorites of the 70’s, tubular tunes from the 80’s and bass-thumping chart toppers from today.  Mood Swings is an experience like no other, one you have to see to believe.  And we LOVE it!  If you have half as much fun as we do, it’s been a good night.  One you will remember always.